Since 1991, Excel’s industrial horizontal balers have designed and manufactured with customer precision to deliver best-in-class strength, durability and performance.

With more than 30 years of experience, Excel has built a reputation as a leader in the recycling and waste management industries with its complete line of time-tested and proven single- and twin-ram horizontal industrial balers.
Excel’s presence in 70 countries through more than 5,000 installations is a testament to the global demand for its products.

Located in Utica, Minnesota, Excel’s business strategy is to continue its singular focus on remaining the premier manufacturer of horizontal balers through innovation and quality workmanship.

Unexpected tragedy strikes Excel

After the founding owner died unexpectedly in 2011, the new owners eventually sold off the equipment, laid off workers and closed the plant by spring 2019. “It was horrible how the interim owners of Excel took advantage of their customers,” states Norm Leger, Excel Baler sales director.

Prior to the interim owners, Excel was a small business success story in every way. Excel led the industry with innovative product design and revolutionized it with the introduction of the EX-Series, the first full-penetration, multi-material closed-door horizontal baler. “Our Excel EX Series quickly became popular throughout the industry as a high-quality, reliable baler that could bale a wide range of materials at an affordable price,” Leger says.

“When the owner/founder died unexpectedly it became tragedy at so many levels. The loyal workers, suppliers and community all suffered.  When the interim owners closed the plant, we had to restart the business and fortunately new partners stepped in to fill the void,” he says. 

Excel Baler: new era and new partnership

R&R Repair, Apex Baler Equipment and Requip joined to form Excel Baler LLC. They quickly filled the void to supply Excel parts for their customers. “After the shock wore off, we knew we had loyal customers out there and an ongoing need for parts and service,” Leger says.

Immediately after the closing of the original Excel plant, one of the current Excel Baler owners started supplying parts to existing customers. It was necessary to get the basics back up and running, from the website to contacting current customers and tooling to provide the necessary parts and repairs. “Just giving people a point of contact was a surprising but effective first step,” Leger says. “Then contacting customers, some of which were reaching out to us for help with their current baler systems. We were surprised at how much ongoing support was needed and how appreciative customers were.” Since much of our ownership’s background is on the equipment servicing side, we quickly found our footing and soon began the process of getting the operation back up and running.

The amazing, longtime customers were no doubt troubled, but after connecting with us and the service crew they soon realized they were well cared for. “Longtime Excel customers knew us for providing good service, good products, then it was gone? Now it is back! We’ve had nothing but great support and positive feedback since Excel got the business back up and running,” Leger says.

Where is Excel at right now? “We have the foundation back and are building back with outstanding service and reconnecting with past customers and plan on attending regional and national trade shows in the coming months,” adds Leger. 

Excel Manufacturing was founded in 1991 as a waste and recycling baler manufacturer near Rochester, Minnesota, and world-renowned Mayo Clinic.